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Do you own a fancy camera but have no idea how to use it, other than sticking it on auto and hoping for the best? Are you a parent who wants to take better pictures of your family but doesn’t know where to start? Looking to do something productive on your maternity / paternity leave? You’re in the right place.

We buy cameras because we want to freeze time, to capture moments and feelings that we know we will want to remember forever. Learn how to take control of your camera and capture photos of your family that turn out how you want them to.


Little Duckling runs short photography courses in Berkhamsted, Tring and the surrounding areas so you can learn how your camera works and take better photos of your family. Most of our courses are designed so you can bring your baby or child with you to sessions if you want to. There are different levels of photography courses, depending on how comfortable you are with your camera already. Once you have attended a course we also offer regular meet ups at Berkhamsted Camera Club so you can continue to develop and put your knowledge into practice.

Our courses comprise 4 classes, each lasting 1 ½ hours, Each session introduces new aspects of photography, which we explore and practice in class so you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You are provided with a range of optional exercises at the end of each session, so that you can continue to practice and learn between classes. Notes from each class are emailed to you after each session to make sure you can just concentrate on practice (and your baby) in class.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions currently take place at the fabulous Carmenta Life in Berkhamsted, easily accessible from town centre carparks, and with a dedicated buggy parking area. This venue offers a waiting area, baby changing facilities, and a kitchen so you can get a drink.

Do you know of somewhere that would make a great venue for photography workshops for parents in Berkhamsted, Tring or the surrounding areas? Get in touch and lets see what we can arrange.

Can I bring my child with me?

Yes. Most of our sessions are designed so you can bring your baby or child with you to class. Some babies and children will happily sleep throughout the session, some will play or read, some will want to be sat on your knee. And they all make great models for you to practice your new skills. You may find if easier if your child isn’t mobile, but each child is different and you are the best person to know if you will enjoy the class with your baby or child alongside you. If you’re not sure please get in touch. You don’t have to bring a baby or child with you to attend a session.

Do I have to attend all of the Sessions?

Each course is designed as a whole, with new topics and knowledge introduced each week. We therefore encourage you to make every effort to attend all the sessions that make up a course. We do however know that life happens, and babies have a way of falling ill just when you want them to be well. If you miss a session, you will still receive the notes of the class via email. If you need more help then get in touch and we will try to provide you with extra support so you can catch up.

If for any reason your teacher is unable to run the class then another date will be scheduled to compensate. Refunds will not be issued. If a class is cancelled due to extreme severe weather and / or dangerous driving conditions it may not be rescheduled, but we will make sure that we cover any subjects missed within the following week’s class and throughout the rest of the course.

What kind of camera Do I need?

You don’t need to have the latest top of the range camera, but you do need a camera that lets you move beyond auto. Suitable cameras includes DSLRs (such as Canon or Nikon) and mirrorless cameras (such as Olympus, Fuji and Panasonic). If you are not sure if your camera is suitable please get in touch and we can advise. You will also need to bring one or more lenses, and a memory card for your camera. If you don’t have a camera but still want to take place we may be able to arrange for you to borrow a camera for the duration of the course.

WHO Teaches the sessions?

That’s me. I’m Lyndsey, an experienced photographer (recently published by Vogue – whoop!), a mum, and a former playleader. Having spent nearly a decade photographing weddings, families and horses, the arrival of my son has reignited my love of taking photos of everyday moments. I love capturing the precious memories that stay with us forever, the day-to-day routines as well as the special occasions. The expressions, the details, the relationships. The mess, the way life really is.

I’m a camera geek, and love devouring camera manuals. I’m always learning and trying out new techniques and experimenting with different kit. I want to help you understand how to use your camera to get the photos you want to take, to capture images what you will treasure.

Want to see more of my work? Visit my photography website here.

“I’ve learned so much about how my camera works. I’ve gone from taking hundreds of photos in the hope that one is good, to creating beautiful images I’m proud to have on display.”



This workshop is for true beginners. Don’t know what all those buttons and dials on your camera do? Want to get your cameras out of auto and start taking control of your images? Want to feel confident using your camera? This is the course for you.

Moving on from auto

How your camera works. What is exposure and why is it important? Adjusting aperture, shutter speed & ISO. What are all those options on the dial on your camera?

Composition & light

Finding & using available light both indoors & outdoors. Understanding & using the basic rules of composition. Tips & tricks to take your photos from good to great. .

Making & keeping memories

Displaying and backing up your images. Creative prompts for babies & children. Milestones to capture at each age.


Do you already have a good grasp of your camera and feel comfortable shooting in aperture priority or manual mode? Join us on our Photography 201 course to take their photography to the next level.

Advanced Camera Settings

Learn about AF modes, exposure lock, file types  and more. Introduction to on-camera flash.

Composition & light

Taking photographys in tricky lighting situations. Using the different metering modes. Intermediate composition.

Creative Shooting

How to start shooting creatively. Techniques such as panning, zooming and bokeh. Further ways of developing your photography

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Starts Tuesday 5th May 2020 at 7.45pm for 3 weeks

Cover all the content of the photography 101 course in 3 evening sessions in Berkhamsted. 

Learn a new skill and be ready to take great photos in 2020. Covering how to use your camera, with a focus on the skills you need to capture your baby and children in those early years. 

Course Price £99


Sunday 19th April 10am – 4pm

Suitable for parents and grandparents of babies and children of all ages, our weekend courses cover all of the content from the photography 101 course, delivered in a convenient single session. 

Course Price £99

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Starts Friday 17th April 2020 1pm for 3 weeks

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby! Bring your baby to class with you and learn a new skill while on maternity / paternity leave. New parent courses cover all the content of the photography 101 course, with a focus on the skills you need to capture your baby in those early weeks and months. This course will run for a small group (max 4 adults). 

Course Price £99


Dates are scheduled based on demand – join the mailing list to be notified when they are released.

Feeling comfortable with the basics and ready for more? Our photography 201 course builds on your existing knowledge and takes your learning to the next level. Courses last 4 weeks and take place in baby friendly venues.

Course Price £99. 

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121 Sessions

We know there are times when the dates just aren’t working out for you. Maybe you and a couple of friends fancy giving it a try, and are wondering if you can have a course all to yourselves. The answer is yes, 121 and small group sessions are now available.

Custom sessions are suitable for any level of photographer who want to become more confident with their camera. Sessions cost £50 for a 1 hour 121 session, with a minimum commitment of 2 hours. 

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