3 Tips For Improving Your Selfies
1: Lighting Is Key

Good lighting can make or break a photo. As a general rule, the best light is found outdoors.Read More

5 Tips for Snow Day Photos

With more snow forecast to fall in Berkhamsted this week, it seems like a good time to share some tips for taking photos of children in the snow. Many of these tips apply whether you’ll be taking photos in the snow with your phone or your camera. Read More

Eight tips for better fireworks photos with your phone

Heading out to the fireworks and hoping to capture some great photos of the action? Here are our top tips to help you photography fireworks. Read More

How to Photograph Berkhamsted Fireworks With Your Camera

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The Little Duckling Guide To Choosing a Camera. Part Two: The Other Stuff

Part One in this series of blogs on how to choose your new camera looked at whether a DSLR, a point and shoot or a mirrorless camera is for you. Now you’ve got that bit sorted, this second part goes on to consider some of the features you might want to think about when deciding which model to go for. Read More

The Little Duckling Guide To Choosing a Camera. Part One: Types of Camera

So you’ve decided it’s time to buy a camera. But which one should you get? This is a really common question among people who want to attend a beginners photography course. Read More

Taking Photos In Harsh Sunlight

Summer comes with some of the most amazing light, and also some of the hardest light to take photos in. Photographers often try to avoid taking photos in harsh sunlight, due to the strong shadows, blown highlights and lens flare that can occur when taking photos in bright, glaring sunlight.Read More

5 Tips for Organising Your Family Photos

If I asked you where your photos of your children are, what would your answer be?Read More